1. Money

Business Insurance Costs can be Controlled and Reduced


Insurance for the business is the second to third highest expense for most businesses. It is also the one expense that can be controlled and even reduced by effective planning. Here we look at strategies to lower your business insurance premiums.
  1. Lowering Health Care Costs
  2. Lowering Other Insurance costs

Lowering Health Care Costs

Health care insurance in the United States is incredibly expensive for business. Health care insurance is often the most expensive business insurance the business purchases. Business owners can purchase health care for their employees and control costs. Here we look at some strategies to lower health care costs.

Lowering Other Insurance costs

After health care, workers' compensation and liability insurance are the two next most expensive business insurance policies. Premiums can be lowered by making safety and health the number one priority in the workplace. Doing so will also lower life and disability rates, property, and commercial auto rates. Risk management and attention to safety lowers insurance costs.

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