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Life and Disability Insurance

Life and disability coverage protects your business against the death or disability of the owner of a business and can be another incentive for skilled employees to join your business.

Business Insurance - Benefits of a Disability Insurance Plan
Your business insurance plan may include health insurance benefits for your employees, but the addition of a disability plan may provide significant tax savings and other benefits.

Business Insurance - Disability Insurance
Disability insurance is an important addition to you business risk management plan. Disability business insurance can provide protection to the small business person by providing income after a disability. Disability insurance can aid employees by providing a valuable benefit of disability protection.

Life Insurance
Life Insurance can be used in your business insurance plan to cover key employees, owners, and partners in case of death or as an additional benefit for your employees.

Using Life Insurance to Secure Business Continuity
Life Insurance Can be Used to Insure the Life of Key Employees and to Continue the Business in Case of Death

Tips for Family Business Planning with Business Insurance
Long-term planning for a family business should include business insurance products that assist in business succession planning. Business insurance can be a useful tool in assuring the business remains intact through family transitions.b

Business Insurance - Professional Overhead Expense Disability Coverage
Business Insurance - Professional Overhead Expense Disability Coverage Protects the Business and Business Owner in Case of Disability.

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