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Business Insurance: Most Popular Articles

These articles are the most popular over the last month.
How Agents and Brokers Make Money
What's the difference between an agent and a broker? How does each make money from the premiums you pay? The answers are in this article.
What Is the Difference Between Insurance Agents...
Business insurance agents and business insurance brokers are different. Which professional you use depends on the size of your business operations.
Why You May Want to Get Product Liability...
Product liability insurance is business insurance that is designed to cover liability of the business for damages caused by a product manufactured, supplied or designed by the business.
Does Your Company Need Additional Insured...
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What Is an Endorsement?
Endorsement - a business insurance definition
Letting Employees Use Their Cars for Work Is...
The Employer Non-Owned Car Liability Coverage is business insurance that protects your business when employees operate their own auto as part of their employment.
The 2 Major Types of Business Insurance
Business Insurance for your business may include professional liability or other types of coverage that will be either claims made coverage or occurrence coverage. Understanding the difference is important for your Business Insurance program.
Claims-made Versus Occurrence - How do They...
Liability policies may apply on either a claims-made or an occurrence basis. Learn how the two types differ.
The Largest U.S. Business Insurers
The largest business insurers in the United States maintain a dominant web presence. Here is a list of the largest business insurers and associated links. Each website includes valuable information about the company and business insurance.
Certificates of Liability Insurance
An article on certificates of liability insurance, including their purpose, the information they contain, and problems they can create for small business owners.
Contractual Liability - What is it?
A discussion for small business owners of contractual liability, which is covered under the standard ISO general liability policy.
Should Your Company Use Self-Insurance?
Businesses interested in lowering business insurance premium costs and having more control over their risk management plan may consider self-insurance. Self-insurance is a business insurance strategy where the company maintains a part of the insured risk.
How to Protect Your Business from Advertising...
Business insurance can provide coverage for damages caused by an advertising injury. Here we discuss advertising injury coverage and business insurance coverage for such risk.
What's Personal and Advertising Injury Coverage?
Personal and advertising injury insurance covers certain offenses called intentional torts. Examples are libel, slander and false arrest. This article explains what acts are included.
Decoding the Symbols on Your Commercial Auto...
An article for small business owners about the numbers, called covered auto designation symbols, that appear in the declarations of a commercial auto policy.
Does Your Company Need Cyber Liability Coverage?
Cyber liability insurance is growing in importance as a part of your business insurance plan. Cyber liability can protect your business against a number of electronic risks and their related costs.
How to Use Section 125 Plans to Save Health...
Section 125 Plans allow an employer to offer benefits to their employees while saving health care premiums, taxes and workers' compensation premiums.
Types of Business Insurance
There are many different types of business insurance. This is an overview of the types of insurance described as business insurance.
What Are the Largest Business Insurance Brokers...
Business insurance brokers can offer more services to the business than the insurance agent. This is a list of the largest insurance brokers in the U.S. and their contact information.
Doing This Could Lower Your Worker's Compensati...
Workers compensation premiums are based on a formula used throughout the industry. Understanding the formula helps you lower your business insurance premiums.
Business Release Forms
Business insurers may require the use of a release form or limitation on liability form be used by your business. Do release forms limit liability? Can a release form lower business insurance premiums?
Liqour Liability Insurance
A Business Insurance Plan should include a Liquor Liability Policy if you supply, manufacture, or serve alcohol to your customers.
Do I Need Commercial Auto Coverage?
Your business needs commercial auto coverage if it uses any titled vehicles in its business.
Directors and Officers Insurance
Directors and officers insurance is business insurance designed to protect the company and its directors and officers from personal liability claims.
Waivers of Subrogation - What are They?
Many contracts used in business require one party waive its right to sue another. Learn how a waiver of subrogation may affect the coverage provided by your insurance policies.
What Aspiring Bar Owners Should Know About...
Bars, taverns, inns, or any business that sells alcohol to the public have special insurance needs. Business insurance for a bar requires liability and property insurance. Here we look at business insurance for a bar.
Business Insurance - Disability Insurance
Disability insurance is an important addition to you business risk management plan. Disability business insurance can provide protection to the small business person by providing income after a disability. Disability insurance can aid employees by providing a valuable benefit of disability protection.
Part Two: Are You Covered if You Accidentally...
This is Part Two of an article on Damage to Premises Rented to You coverage. If your business is a tenant, be sure to read both parts of this article.
Have a Business Vehicle? Then You Also Need This
Hired auto coverage is commercial auto coverage that provides coverage to you, or your business, when operating a vehicle you do not own or that is not registered to you.
Workers Compensation Insurance - Understanding...
Workers compensation insurance is business insurance that provides coverage for work place injuries to your employees. The policies can be confusing so here we take a look at the policy and what it covers.
Employment Practices Liability Insurance
Employment Practices Liability Insurance is liability insurance to protect your business from claims by employees against the business for things like wrongful discharge, workplace harassment and discrimination.
Hired Autos - Liability and Physical Damage
Learn how to insure rental cars, called hired autos under a commercial auto policy, for liability and physical damage.
Products-Completed Operations Coverage
A discussion of products-completed operations coverage and why small businesses need this coverage to protect themselves against claims and suits.
Are Business Insurance Premiums Tax Deductible?
Business insurance premiums are tax deductible as business expenses. This article discusses the basic deductions for business insurance premiums.
Why You Need Employee Benefits Liability Coverage
Did you know that you could be sued by your workers because of errors you make in administering their benefits? Protect yourself by purchasing employee benefits liability coverage.
An Introduction to Workers' Compensation
Workers' Compensation Insurance is mandated by state law and should be considered first in a business insurance plan.
Before You Purchase Commercial Auto Business...
If your business uses a vehicle, you need commercial auto insurance, and you will want to ask your business insurance professional some important questions.
Overview of the Liability Insurance Policy
A Liability Insurance Policy covers your business in the event of a law suit alleging your company caused damage or loss by a mistake.
Key Man Insurance
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4 Tips to Help You Create Effective Business...
Business insurance policies cover four basic things: property, liability, people, and income.
Loss Payable Versus Lender's Loss Payable
An article for small business owners that explains the difference between a Loss Payable clause and a Lenders Loss Payable clause under a commercial property policy.
Fire Insurance
Fire insurance is a necessary part of a business insurance plan. A fire can destroy the business by causing a loss of revenue and facilities.
Who's Covered Under My Commercial Auto Policy?
Article that describes in detail the persons and entities that are included as insureds under a typical business auto policy
Employers Liability - Coverage for Suits by...
A discussion of the coverage afforded for suits by injured workers under employers liability coverage, Part Two under the standard workers compensation policy.
What is Experience Rating?
An article to help small business owners understand experience rating under a workers compensation policy.
How Will Obamacare Affect Workers Compensation?
The ACA has made changes to the healthcare delivery system that might impact state workers compensation programs. Learn what this impact might consist of.
General Liability Policy - What's Covered?
Learn about a general liability policy, which covers lawsuits by individuals who claim they sustained bodily injury or property damage due to your negligence.
Host Liquor Liability Coverage
The scope of coverage provided by the ISO CGL for liquor-related activities as a result of the liquor liability exclusion
Discontinued Operations and Products Coverage
Discontinued Operations and Products Coverage is business insurance that covers the risk of loss after a business ceases operations.
10 Signs of a Dishonest Agent
For small business owners, a list of ten signs that an insurance agent or broker may be dishonest.
Additional Insured Endorsements - What Do They...
A discussion of additional insured endorsements, including their purpose, the coverage they provide and restrictions they may contain.
How to Cover a Vendor as an Additional Insured
A discussion of the vendors endorsement, which protects small businesses against product liability claims when the businesses sell products made by other companies
When is Your Vehicle a Total Loss?
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Mobile Equipment:- How do You Insure it for...
Properly insuring mobile equipment for liability under a commercial liability and/or a commercial auto policy.
An Overview of Casualty Coverage
Casualty insurance differs from property insurance. Casualty insurance insures the business while property insurance insures the location.
Definition of Exclusion. Business Insurance.
How Does Workers' Compensation Operate in My...
Frequently Asked Questions About Workers' Compensation Insurance
What Does My Workers Compensation Policy Cover?
An explanation for small business owners about coverage afforded under a standard workers compensation policy.
4 Important Facts About Defamation, Libel and...
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The Commercial Property Policy
An article for small business owners that described the individual sections found in a typical commercial property policy.
Introduction to Property Insurance
Property Insurance is insurance that insures your location and contents.
Assumed Liability for Employee Injuries - Are...
Have you assumed liability under a contract for lawsuits by your injured workers against someone else? You may be covered under contractual liability coverage.
Who's an "Insured" Under My Liability Policy?
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Temporary Workers and Alternate Employer...
An article about the Alternate Employer Endorsement, and how it can protect small business owners from lawsuits arising from injuries to temporary workers.
Business Insurance for the Home Based Business
Home businesses need business insurance to protect the business just like any other business. We discuss the most common types of business insurance needed.
Additional Insured
Definition of Additional Insured
Protection Against Employees Who Steal
An article for small business owners about employee theft coverage, which is typically included as part of a commercial crime policy.
Building Laws can Drive up Your Reconstruction...
Building ordinances can significantly increase the cost of replacing a building. These increased costs aren't covered unless you have purchased building ordinance coverage.
Coverage Territory
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Business Insurance for a Lodging Establishment
Businesses that offer travelers a place to stay have special business insurance needs. Here is discussion of the business insurance needs of a lodging business.
Business Insurance for a Church
Business Insurance for a church to protect the congregation and the physical location of the church is similar to insurance for a business.
Commercial Auto Insurance Websites
Online insurance quotes are available from many insurance companies. This is a listing of online insurance quote sites.
How Are Your Commercial Auto Rates Determined?
An article for small business owners about commercial auto rating, and how liability and physical damage premiums are derived.
What's Covered Under A Cyber Liability Policy?
An article for small business owners about the coverages that are provided by a cyber liability policy.
Business Interruption Insurance
Business Interruption Insurance is coverage that protects your business from the loss of income from a loss of business location
Extended Reporting Period
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What Adjusters, Underwriters and Other...
An article for small business owners about the various functions that are performed by insurance company employees such as underwriters, adjusters and auditors.
How To Lower Your Business Insurance Premiums
You can lower your business insurance premiums. Here are some tips to lower your business insurance premiums.
Workers' Compensation Discount for Drug-Free...
Business insurance such as workers' compensation insurance is mandated by the state. Premium discounts can be obtained by creating a drug-free workplace.
Insuring Non-owned Autos
Insuring non-owned autos under a commercial auto policy
Business Insurance - Contract Bonds
Contract Bonds, also known as Construction Bonds, are important risk-minimization tools utilized by municipalities and project developers across the country. These bonds are also frequently misunderstood.
Definition of Occurrence. Business Insurance.
Insurance Services Office (ISO)
A discussion of the Insurance Services Office or ISO, an insurance research organization that provides statistical information and publishes policy forms on behalf of insurance companies.
What are Uninsured and Underinsured Motorist...
An overview of the coverage afforded by uninsured and underinsured motorist endorsements, and what small business owners should consider before purchasing these coverages.
What are Supplementary Payments?
An article for small business owners on Supplementary Payments, a coverage that is afforded by a general liability policy and that includes defense and other expenses.
What Does Subrogation Mean?
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Business Insurance - What is Valuable Papers...
Valuable papers business insurance coverage is critical insurance coverage to your business. Valuable papers coverage covers the cost of replacing documents used in your business.
Introduction to Business Insurance
This is an introduction to business insurance.
Foreign Workers Compensation Coverage
A discussion of foreign voluntary compensation coverage, which small business owners may need if they employ workers that travel on business outside the United States.
Business Insurance - How do I File a Business...
Business insurance is for managing risk. Risk means the chance of something going wrong causing damage to the business or to others. When claims occur, the claims must be reported to the business insurer. Here we look at how to submit a claim to the business insurer.
Can The Insurer Refuse to Renew My Policy?
An article for small business owners about the circumstances under which insurers may cancel or non-renew a commercial insurance policy.
Important Tips for Your Business Property...
Your business insurance risk management plan will include property insurance. Here are three tips to make sure your property insurance will cover your business in case of loss.
What are the Obligations of Your Insurance...
An article for small business owners regarding the regulation, licensing, and obligations of insurance agents and brokers.
The Top Ten Riskiest Jobs
Your Business Insurance premiums are based on the risk involved in your business. Here is a list of the riskiest jobs.
Your Liability Under a Car Rental Agreement
An auto accident involving a rental vehicle can lead to a lawsuit against the rental company, which then demands reimbursement from you. Learn whether your policy will protect you!
Does My Business Insurance Cover Employee...
Businesses often face the situation where an employee is accused of a crime or similar act. Business insurance may or may not provide coverage for such an act.
Personal and Advertising Injury
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Business Insurance Agents Versus Online...
Business insurance can be purchased online. So, why hire an insurance professional? We look at the benefits of purchasing insurance and getting online quotes versus hiring an insurance agent or broker.
Business Insurance for the Farm
Business insurance for a farm requires a good deal of forethought in order to purchase the proper insurance for the farm operations.
Covering Family Members Under a Commercial Auto...
An article for small business owners about the Individual Named Insured endorsement that is available to sole proprietors under a commercial auto policy.
Property Damage
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Business Insurance - Insuring the Nonprofit
Nonprofits and not-for-profit businesses and agencies work with volunteers and the public. Business insurance for the nonprofit is different from for profit business insurance.
An Example of Business Interruption Coverage...
Business interruption coverage can be explained by and example.
Who Needs Errors and Omissions Liability...
An article for small business owners about errors and omissions liability coverage, including the key features of a typical policy.
What is Lloyd's of London?
An article for small business owners that provides a brief introduction to Lloyd's of London, explaining what it is and how it operates.
Bad Practices that Raise Premiums
Business insurance premiums for your business are often the result of the way the business is operated. Bad claims history, poor safety records and poor business practices can greatly increase your business insurance costs.
What is the Longshore Act?
An article for small business owners about the Longshore and Harbor Workers Compensation Act, a federal law that applies to land-based maritime workers.
Your Property was Swallowed by a Sinkhole! Is...
Sinkholes can occur virtually anywhere and can be natural or man-made. Learn whether sink-hole damage is covered under a typical property policy.
Voluntary Compensation Coverage
An article for small business owners about Voluntary Compensation Endorsement, which may be used to cover workers who are not subject to state workers compensation laws.
What Happens When Your Business is Sued?
Business insurance provides you with a defense and a way to pay claims in case of an injury to a person or property. This article outlines what happens when your company faces a liability claim.
Beware This Car Accident Scam
Staged auto accidents are a big business for criminals. Don't be a victim! Learn how to recognize common scams and what you can do to protect yourself.
Cyber Risks - the Hazards of Using Electronic...
How the use of electronic data and the Internet by small business owners create cyber risks that are not covered by standard property and general liability policies.
An Overview of Policy Obligations
An Insurance Policy is a contract and each side has specific obligations.
Cancellation Condition
A discussion of a condition found in virtually all business insurance policies that specifies the circumstances under which the insurer may cancel the policy and the number of days notice it must provide to the insured.
What is the National Council on Compensation...
A discussion of the functions performed by the NCCI, a national insurance organization that provides rating, statistical and other services to state insurance bureaus.
What is an Employer Mandate?
Businesses looking to find health insurance for their employees are going to be affected by any health care reform. Business insurance costs can be affected by such reform. Here we look at what an employer mandate means to the business owner.
Earthquake Insurance
Damage to your business caused by earthquakes are not covered by your business insurance policy. If your business is in an area prone to earthquakes, then such business insurance coverage should be considered.
Business Insurance Purchase Checklist
This is a Checklist of Documents and Information You Will Need to Purchase Business Insurance.
Interpreting Business Insurance Policies
Business insurance policy disputes between insurers and insureds often end with a court interpreting the policy. We look at how courts interpret business insurance policies.
Bodily Injury
The meaning of bodily injury, as this term is used in commercial liability policies.
Will an Automatic Braking System Lower Your...
Will an automatic braking system (a type of front crash prevention system) help you avoid auto accidents and reduce your commercial auto premium?
What's "Other States" Coverage?
If you are insured under s standard workers compensation policy, be sure it includes Other States coverage. The latter ensures your workers will be covered if you begin work in a new state.
Why Your Business Needs Business Insurance
Business insurance is critical to control risk. There are many common myths about business liability and the need for business insurance. Here we examine those myths about business insurance.
Before You Choose a Business Insurance...
Business insurance is critical to your business. Choosing a business insurance professional who understands your needs and your business is an important first step in purchasing business insurance.
How Much Business Interruption Coverage is...
Business interruption insurance is notoriously difficult to purchase in the correct coverage amount. Under insuring will result in a penalty.
Spouse-Employee Health Insurance Deduction
Small business is often family business. A family business can generally deduct or exclude from income the costs of providing health insurance to spouse-employees and family-employees.
Pollution Coverage Under a Commercial Auto Policy
An article for small business owners that describes the coverage afforded by the standard commercial auto policy for pollution-related losses via exceptions to the pollution exclusion.
Insurable Interest
Insurable interest is an important concept in property insurance and it separates insurance from gambling, and ensures that insurance is not purchased for the purposes of committing fraud.
High Deductible Health Plans and a Health...
High Deductible Health Plans and a Health Savings Account can be a good way for newer small businesses to provide coverage to their employees.
What is an "Insured Contract?"
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Concurrent Causation and Anti-concurrent...
class="no-js" itemscope itemtype="http://schema.org/Article" > itemprop="description" >Concurrent causation
What's Covered by a Liquor Liability Policy?
An article for small business owners about the coverage afforded by a liquor liability policy, which is designed for businesses that sell, manufacture, distribute, sell or serve alcoholic beverages.
Business Insurance - What Happens if My...
American International Group or AIG is the nation's largest business insurer. AIG may fail or declare bankruptcy. This article discusses what happens when an insurer becomes insolvent. It addresses whether your business will lose business insurance.
You Have Mold! Is It Covered Under Your...
An article for small business owners about mold as a commercial property hazard and the extent to which it is covered under property insurance.
Travel Insurance for Business Travel
Businesses that have their employees travel frequently may benefit by requiring travel insurance on travel purchased by the company. Travel insurance can also provide some valuable protection to expensive international business travel.
Do You Need Auto Medical Payments Coverage?
An article for small business owners about auto medical payments coverage, which is available as a coverage option under a commercial auto policy.
Things to Think About Before You Buy an...
Issues to consider before buying a commercial umbrella policy, including the limits, coverages, cost, variations and pitfalls.
Are Those Gadgets Covered under Your Commercial...
An article for small business owners about the types of electronic equipment that are covered under the physical damage section of a commercial auto policy.
Flood and Water
For small business owners, an explanation of the flood exclusion found in a typical commercial property policy.
Debris Removal Costs Add Up.! Are Your Limits...
Debris removal coverage is an essential element of a commercial property or businessowners policy. Find out why this coverage, which is often overlooked, is so important.
The Businessowners Policy - Major Coverage in...
For the small business, the businessowners policy is the most effective and affordable business insurance option.
Retroactive Date
A discussion of the meaning of retroactive date, a feature in a claims-made policy that is the earliest date on which an event may occur and still qualify for coverage under a policy.
Definition of Reinsurance. Business Insurance.
What is No-fault Auto Insurance?
An article for small business owners that describes auto no-fault laws and personal injury protection coverage.
Covering Your Landlord as an Additional Insured
Be sure to read this article if your lease requires you to cover your landlord under your liability policy as an additional insured!
How To Prepare a Business Insurance Budget
Business insurance is a significant cost of doing business. Planning your small business insurance plan requires budgeting for insurance.
Business Insurance - Where can I get Wind...
The threat of storm damage for coastal businesses is always present. Businesses may be able to take advantage of state sponsored business insurance to protect against the risk of storm damage.
Before You Choose an Insurance Company
Choosing an Insurance Company for your Business Insurance.
What is an Intentional Tort or a Violation of a...
Workers' Compensation generally excludes a lawsuit against an employer for workplace injuries. However, Violation of a Specific Safety Regulation claims (VSSR) claims and intentional torts still can result in extraordinary liability above insurance.
Buying a Claims-made Policy? Watch for These...
Shopping for a claims-made policy? Here are some pitfalls to look out for when considering a policy or when comparing one policy with another.
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