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Admitted Versus Non-admitted Insurers

Most small businesses purchase insurance from admitted insurers, meaning insurers that are licensed by the state. However, if your business is unable to obtain coverage from a licensed insurer, you may need to use a non-admitted or surplus lines insurer. This article explains what you need to know before you venture into the surplus lines market.

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Hurricane Prophesies

Friday April 18, 2014

For small business owners along the U.S. Eastern Seaboard, I have some good news! Meteorologists at Colorado State University are predicting a milder than normal hurricane season this year. They expect nine named storms to occur, two of which will become hurricanes. The average for the Eastern Atlantic is twelve named storms, seven of which become hurricanes. In case you are wondering, a storm is assigned a name when it becomes a tropical cyclone, a storm that has wind speeds of at least 39 m.p.h.


Hurricane Isobel


General Motors and Reputational Suicide

Friday April 11, 2014

If there's one thing that can harm a company's reputation, it's a well-publicized product recall. Just ask Lululemon, the Canadian seller of yoga wear. Last March the company announced that it was recalling one of its best-selling products, black Luon yoga pants, because they were too sheer. Shortly thereafter, Lululemon's CEO resigned and sales slowed. Fortunately for Lululemon, the company seems to be recovering. Now General Motors is in the hot seat, and the problems it is facing are much more serious than Lululemon's. See-through yoga pants may have embarrassed some customers but they sure didn't cause any deaths!

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Slippery Slopes

Friday April 4, 2014

The search continues for missing residents of the Oso, Washington area following the landslide that occurred on March 22. As of this morning, 30 people had been confirmed dead and 15 were still missing. These aerial photos show the scope of the devastation. As you can see, the slide left a deep gouge in the hillside above the town of Oso. Many of the homes that were destroyed are now buried under 15 to 75 feet of mud.

Landslide in Washington


The Mystery of Flight 370

Friday March 28, 2014

Malaysian Air Flight 370 has now been missing for almost three weeks. On Monday the Malaysian Prime Minister formally announced that the plane had gone down in the Southern Indian Ocean off the west coast of Australia. The Malaysian government reached this conclusions based on satellite data as no wreckage has yet been found. The situation is bizarre! Who would hijack a plane only to crash it into the ocean? It doesn't make sense. There are also questions of liability. However, until the plane's "black box" is located, we won't know who was (or is) responsible for the loss of the plane and its 227 passengers.

Missing Plane


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