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Happy Day Before Valentine's Day (Hint...Hint)

By February 13, 2012

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Valentine's Day is tomorrow February 14, 2012. I thought I would post the day before and mention the holiday so those of you who may have forgotten flowers or chocolate still have time.

It is a tradition without a clear beginning. I was always taught that St. Valentine was a martyr killed for performing Christian marriages in ancient Rome. The date, February 14, being his date of martyrdom. Over time the holiday developed as a recognition of the importance of marriage and bonds between lovers. So, I'm going with that for purposes of this post.

As a tradition, we honor the relationship. We recognize the importance of love and connection with others and set out a day to celebrate those connections.

And those connections are critically important to our well being. In fact, long-term healthy relationships can significantly improve physical and mental health. The effect is significant. Men who are divorced and single at age 48 have a statistically lower chance of living to age 65 compared to their married friends according to studies relied upon by Linda Waite and Maggie Gallagher in the book, The Case for Marriage. According to those studies men and women are more prone to alcoholism, heart disease, cancer, and psychological ailments when single as opposed to those people who are in a committed long-term relationship.

Tying all of this into business insurance, a healthy person in a long-term committed relationship is healthier, less prone to error, and more stable. All of these factors save insurance premium dollars for employers.

It all starts with remembering the flowers.

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