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Health Insurance

Health insurance is now one of the key factors in the decision of a skilled employee to join your business. Here we discuss health insurance options.

Will the Affordable Care Act be Struck Down?
The Affordable Care Act is set to become fully enacted in 2014. However, several lawsuits by various states have been filed seeking to limit or overturn the law.

The public option in health insurance reform.
Health insurance reform proposals are calling for the creation of a "public option" health insurance plan. This option would be an alternative to private insurers.

An Overview of Health Insurance
Health Insurance is important for your business to be competitive.

Spouse-Employee Health Insurance Deduction
Small business is often family business. A family business can generally deduct or exclude from income the costs of providing health insurance to spouse-employees and family-employees.

High Deductible Health Plans and a Health Savings Account
High Deductible Health Plans and a Health Savings Account can be a good way for newer small businesses to provide coverage to their employees.

Business Insurance - What is COBRA?
The Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act (COBRA)applies to health insurance benefits. It is a law that requires a continuation of health insurance fro employees. Compliance must be a part of a business insurance plan that includes health insurance.

Using Section 125 Plans to Save Health Care Premiums
Section 125 Plans allow an employer to offer benefits to their employees while saving health care premiums, taxes and workers' compensation premiums.

Expert Advice on Reviewing Your Health Care Options During Open Enrollment
Every year your business health insurance plan will have an open-enrollment period. Open-enrollment is an excellent time for business owners and employees to review health care costs and premium expenses and consider options to lower premiums.

A Side-by-Side Comparison of the Presidential Candidates Health Plans
Health care is once again a major political issue for the upcoming presidential elections. Many candidates will be looking to business as a key element of their plans. In this side-by-side comparison a physician takes a look at the different proposed plans including analyzing what demands will be made on businesses.

What is an Employer Mandate?
Businesses looking to find health insurance for their employees are going to be affected by any health care reform. Business insurance costs can be affected by such reform. Here we look at what an employer mandate means to the business owner.

Business Insurance - What is a "public option?"
Health insurance reform will have a big impact on your business insurance plan. It may affect costs, profitability, employee benefits, and availability of insurance coverage. One proposal is to create a public option insurance plan. What is a public option and how would it work?

Small Business Employers are Entitled to Tax Credits for Health Insurance
The health insurance reforms passed in 2010 include significant small business tax credits for small businesses providing health insurance to their employees. Unfortunately, many employers are unaware of the credits or do not take advantage of the tax credits. This article discusses the health insurance tax credits.

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