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Choosing an Insurance Company

This page discusses information you need in order to choose an insurance company.

Choose an Insurance Company
Choosing an Insurance Company for your Business Insurance.

Finding an Insurer for Specific Coverage
The Insurance Journal has a nifty search tool that allows you to search for insurers by category and state.

Make Sure Your Business is Buying Insurance From a Real Insurer
Before purchasing business insurance make sure you are buying business insurance from a real, properly licensed and stable insurance company.

Researching Insurance Companies
Before choosing an insurer make sure the insurer is stable and has a proven track record as a commercial insurer.

The Largest U.S. Business Insurers
Business insurance companies create some of the most comprehensive websites on the internet in terms of information for customers and potential customers. Bigger is not always better, but by reviewing some of the largest insurers' websites you can find information about programs and specialties offered by each company and get a sense of what business insurance is available for your business.

The Five Ratings Companies
There are five main companies that provide ratings for insurers.

Choose an Insurance Company
Choosing an Insurance Company for your Business Insurance

Business Insurance - Things Insurers do Wrong
Insurance companies stay in existence by serving people. People pay premiums. Sometimes insurers do things that make no sense. Here we get some feedback from our readers about those experiences.

Business Insurance - Reader's Discussion About Business Insurers
Choosing an insurer for your business insurance plan can be difficult. Working with an business insurer is a good way to determine if the right insurer has been chosen for business insurance. Here we ask our readers to leave their comments about their dealing with business insurers.

Working with Your Insurance Company
Business owners who purchase business insurance for their business must, necessarily, work with their insurance company. Here is some advice for working with your business insurer.

Business Insurance - How do I File a Business Insurance Claim?
Business insurance is for managing risk. Risk means the chance of something going wrong causing damage to the business or to others. When claims occur, the claims must be reported to the business insurer. Here we look at how to submit a claim to the business insurer.

Check an Insurer with your State
All state departments of insurance maintain lists of insurers registered to do business in their states. The departments also maintain complaint information and other information that will aid you in finding the right insurer.

Buying Business Insurance for Your Specific Business
Many insurers create specific programs dedicated to your specific business and this can be an excellent way of purchasing business insurance tailored to your business.

Eco-Friendly Business Insurance
Insurers offering business insurance have a wide variety of eco-friendly or "green" products and services available to their policy holders.

Adjusters, Underwriters and Other Insurance Company Employees
An article for small business owners about the various functions that are performed by insurance company employees such as underwriters, adjusters and auditors.

Admitted Versus Non-admitted Insurers

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