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Insurance is regulated by the states. Each state has an insurance department that regulates insurers, agents, brokers and other types of businesses that make up the insurance industry.
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Insurer Defense Obligations Under the Insurance Policy
When your business is sued for something or someones alleged injury, your business insurance policy provides for a defense against the claims. Here we discuss how business insurance provides you a legal defense.

An Overview of Policy Obligations
An Insurance Policy is a contract and each side has specific obligations.

Deductibility of Business Insurance Premiums
Businesses can deduct certain premium payments for business insurance from their federal taxes. This article identifies the basic deductions for business insurance premiums.

Interpreting Business Insurance Policies
Business insurance policy disputes between insurers and insureds often end with a court interpreting the policy. We look at how courts interpret business insurance policies.

What Happens When Your Business is Sued?
Business insurance provides you with a defense and a way to pay claims in case of an injury to a person or property. This article outlines what happens when your company faces a liability claim.

What is Bad Faith?
Sometimes insurers act in such a way that the insurer has committed "bad faith."

Business Insurance - What Happens if My Business Insurer Goes Bankrupt?
American International Group or AIG is the nation's largest business insurer. AIG may fail or declare bankruptcy. This article discusses what happens when an insurer becomes insolvent. It addresses whether your business will lose business insurance.

End of the Year Insurance Renewal Tips
The end of the year is a good time to review your current business insurance and to review needs for the future and here are some tips.

Business Release Forms
Business insurers may require the use of a release form or limitation on liability form be used by your business. Do release forms limit liability? Can a release form lower business insurance premiums?

State Departments of Insurance
All insurers and agents are governed by administrative rules and substantive laws that differ from state to state. Check with your state insurance department for rules and laws specific to your state.

Can The Insurer Refuse to Renew My Policy?

What Does Subrogation Mean?
For small business owners, an article explaining the meaning of "subrogation" and the purpose of subrogation clauses found in commercial insurance policies.


Waiver of Subrogation under Liability, Auto and Workers Compensation Policies
An article for small business owners about waivers of subrogation under general liability, commercial auto and workers compensation policies.

Are Workers "On the Job" While Commuting?
An article for small business owners about the coming and going rule, and exceptions to this rule that may entitle employees to workers compensation benefits.

What is No-fault Auto Insurance?
An article for small business owners that describes auto no-fault laws and personal injury protection coverage.

What is the Longshore Act?

Insuring Volunteer Workers
An article for small business owners about the risks that volunteer workers create for non-profit organizations and how these risk can be addressed by commercial insurance.

What's Covered by a Liquor Liability Policy?
An article for small business owners about the coverage afforded by a liquor liability policy, which is designed for businesses that sell, manufacture, distribute, sell or serve alcoholic beverages.

Effect of Anti-indemnity Statutes on Contractual Liability
An article for small business owners about anti-indemnity statutes and how they affect liability assumed under a construction contract.

Indemnity Agreement

Violations of Anti-telemarketing Laws
Did you know that certain types of phone calls and emails used for marketing purposes may violate federal laws? Learn how to avoid uninsured fines and lawsuits!

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