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Insuring Your Business

This page is about how to analyze your business to determine what business insurance you need and why you need business insurance.

Buying Business Insurance for Your Specific Business
Many insurers create specific programs dedicated to your specific business and this can be an excellent way of purchasing business insurance tailored to your business.

Introduction to the ISO Commercial General Liability Policy
A discussion of Coverage A, Bodily Injury and Property Damage Liability, under the ISO Commercial General Liability Coverage form

Why Your Business Needs Business Insurance
Understanding common myths about liability and valuing business insurance.

Business Insurance - How do I Insure...?
Business insurance is made more confusing by the use of industry specific terms. The terms can be confusing. Here we discuss some basics and answer how to insure just about every aspect of your business in lay terms.

Types of Business Insurance

Business insurance is a broad description that can be broken down into a list of nine types of insurance policies and here I will briefly explain the coverage and expand on these as individual topics. For now, these are general descriptions so that we are talking about the same thing when I use these terms in later articles.

The Businessowners Policy - Major Coverage in one Package
For the small business, the businessowners policy is the most effective and affordable business insurance option.

Preparing to Purchase Business Insurance
Preparing to Purchase business insurance is a four step process and is a good start in preparing a solid business insurance plan.

Prepare a Business Insurance Budget
Business insurance is a significant cost of doing business. Planning your small business insurance plan requires budgeting for insurance.

Business Insurance Purchase Checklist
Meeting with your insurance professional is critical in proper business insurance planning. Use this checklist to make sure you have all the information you will need to have a meaningful discussion with your insurance professional.

Creating a Description of Your Business
Insuring your business starts with a statement or description about what your business does.

Business Insurers Online
Insuring your business requires planning and research. Preparing a risk management program for your company can be time consuming and result in sales calls from brokers, agents, and insurance professional. Narrowing business insurers down by initial research into their programs and insurance products can save you time. Here I have compiled a list of business insurance web pages to get you started…

Eco-Friendly Business Insurance
Insurers offering business insurance have a wide variety of eco-friendly or "green" products and services available to their policy holders.

Using Online Insurance Quotes to Purchase Business Insurance
Many insurers offer online insurance quotes for personal insurance products. Business insurance quotes may also be offered online, but is business insurance a proper product to purchase online for your small business? Here we look at how to use insurance quotes to purchase business insurance.

Lowering Business Insurance Premiums by Organization Membership
Business insurance premiums are often less expensive when the business insurance is purchased through membership in a professional organization or business group.

Lower Your Business Insurance Premiums
There are several ways to lower your business insurance premiums and here we discuss various ways to lower your premiums.

End of the Year Insurance Renewal Tips
The end of the year is a good time to review your current business insurance and to review needs for the future and here are some tips.

Business Insurance - What is Self-Insurance?
Businesses interested in lowering business insurance premium costs and having more control over their risk management plan may consider self-insurance. Self-insurance is a business insurance strategy where the company maintains a part of the insured risk.

Saving Business Insurance Premiums With Security and Surveillance
Lowering your business insurance premiums requires lowering your business risk. Theft and fraud risk can be lowered with a security and surveillance system.

Create a Disaster Plan
Proper Business Insurance planning includes the creation of a disaster plan. The business owner has many tools available to create such a plan.

Business Insurance to Cover the Risk of Workplace Violence
Security in the workplace is vital to the safety of employees. In addition to security and disaster response planning, some insurers offer insurance products to help insure the business for the risk of loss associated with workplace violence.

Bad Practices that Raise Premiums
Business insurance premiums for your business are often the result of the way the business is operated. Bad claims history, poor safety records and poor business practices can greatly increase your business insurance costs.

The Top Ten Riskiest Jobs
Your Business Insurance premiums are based on the risk involved in your business. Here is a list of the riskiest jobs.

Earthquake Insurance
Damage to your business caused by earthquakes are not covered by your business insurance policy. If your business is in an area prone to earthquakes, then such business insurance coverage should be considered.

Business Insurance for the Home Office
Home offices can be protected against risk by proper business insurance coverage. This article discusses what insurance is available for the home office.

Business Insurance for a Bar
Bars, taverns, inns, or any business that sells alcohol to the public have special insurance needs. Business insurance for a bar requires liability and property insurance. Here we look at business insurance for a bar.

Business Insurance for a Church
Business Insurance for a church to protect the congregation and the physical location of the church is similar to insurance for a business.

Business Insurance for the Farm
Business insurance for a farm requires a good deal of forethought in order to purchase the proper insurance for the farm operations.

Business Insurance for a Flower Shop
Flower shops and florists bring nature to the city and bring beauty to many occasions. Florists also have unique risks to their business that need to be considered. What business insurance should the florist consider?

Business Insurance for the Home Based Business
Home businesses need business insurance to protect the business just like any other business. Her we discuss the most common types of business insurance need by the home business.

Business Insurance for a Lodging Establishment
Businesses that offer travelers a place to stay have special business insurance needs. Here is discussion of the business insurance needs of a lodging business.

Business Insurance - Insuring the Nonprofit
Nonprofits and not-for-profit businesses and agencies work with volunteers and the public. Business insurance for the nonprofit is different from for profit business insurance.

Business Insurance - Helpful Mobile Applications
Many insurers offer free claims applications for the iPhone, Blackberry, Palm, and other mobile devices to assist their insureds in recording and documenting claims information. Here is a quick list of some free applications.

How to Prepare a Business Insurance Application
Business insurance is obtained by preparing a business insurance application. Preparing an application can be a daunting task and here we look at how to prepare an insurance application.

Lowering Business Insurance Premiums - Share Your Advice
Business insurance premiums for business insurance can increase every year if the business owner does not take action to lower the premiums. Here Readers share their stories, tips, and advice on how they lowered their insurance premiums.

Photos of Risky Business
We have all seen some really dumb things go on in the workplace. This is your opportunity to share your photos of truly egregious and risky things. See submissions

10 Questions Your Agent Should Ask Prior to Renewal
An article for small business owners listing ten questions their agent should ask them before their insurance policies are renewed each year.

Adjusters, Underwriters and Other Insurance Company Employees
An article for small business owners about the various functions that are performed by insurance company employees such as underwriters, adjusters and auditors.

What is Lloyds of London?

Insurance Basics - How is Your Policy Organized?
An article for small business owners about the parts of a typical insurance policy and how policies are usually organized.

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