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Liability Insurance

Liability insurance insures your business against loss from the negligence of your business or its employees.
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The Businessowners Policy - Major Coverage in one Package
For the small business, the businessowners policy is the most effective and affordable business insurance option.

Business Location Effect on Premiums
Your business location can effect the cost of premiums paid for your business liability insurance. When looking for a location for your business consider the effect of the location on your insurance premiums for your business insurance.

Additional Insured Endorsements - What Do They Cover?
A discussion of additional insured endorsements, including their purpose, the coverage they provide and restrictions they may contain.

Defamation, Libel and Slander
An explanation of the terms "defamation", "libel", and "slander"

Claims-made Versus Occurrence Policies
An article for small business owners that explains the differences between a claims-made policy and an occurrence policy.

Employers Liability - Coverage for Suits by Injured Employees
A discussion of employers liability coverage, Part Two under the standard workers compensation policy.

Cyber Risks - the Hazards of Using Electronic Data and the Internet
How the use of electronic data and the Internet create cyber risks for small business owners.

Certificates of Liability Insurance
An article on certificates of liability insurance, including their purpose, the information they contain, and problems they can create for small business owners.

Coverage Territory
An explanation of "coverage territory," a term that is found in many commercial policies including auto, liability, property, auto and workers compensation.

Introduction to the ISO Commercial General Liability Policy
A discussion of Coverage A, Bodily Injury and Property Damage Liability, under the ISO Commercial General Liability Coverage policy

The Top Ten Riskiest Jobs
Your Business Insurance premiums are based on the risk involved in your business. Here is a list of the riskiest jobs.

Liquor Liability Insurance
A Business Insurance Plan should include a Liquor Liability Policy if you supply, manufacture, or serve alcohol to your customers.

Product Liability Insurance
Product liability insurance is business insurance that is designed to cover liability of the business for damages caused by a product manufactured, supplied or designed by the business.

Products-completed Operations Coverage
A discussion of products-completed operations coverage and why small businesses need this coverage to protect themselves against claims and suits.

Property Damage
Explanation of the term "property damage" within the context of general liability and commercial auto coverage.

A discussion of the meaning of the word "negligence" within the context of general liability insurance.

Does My Business Insurance Cover Employee Crimes or Intentional Acts?
Businesses often face the situation where an employee is accused of a crime or similar act. Business insurance may or may not provide coverage for such an act.

Business Insurance - Advertising Injury Coverage
Business insurance can provide coverage for damages caused by an advertising injury. Here we discuss advertising injury coverage and business insurance coverage for such risk.

Business Insurance - Contract Bonds
Contract Bonds, also known as Construction Bonds, are important risk-minimization tools utilized by municipalities and project developers across the country. These bonds are also frequently misunderstood.

Business Insurance - What to do When you Cannot Find Insurance?
Business insurance can be difficult to obtain for a new business or new product. Here are some tips on what to do when you cannot find insurance.

Additional Insured Coverage - What is it?
Many businesses are requested at one time or another to add another business as an "additional insured" on the company's liability policy. Here we generally review additional insured status and what it means to your business and its business insurance.

Overview of the Liability Insurance Policy
A Liability Insurance Policy covers your business in the event of a law suit alleging your company caused damage or loss by a mistake.

Host Liquor Coverage for Company Functions
The scope of coverage provided by the ISO CGL for liquor-related activities as a result of the liquor liability exclusion

Personal and Advertising Injury

Who's Covered Under My Liability Policy?

What is Contractual Liability?
A discussion for small business owners of contractual liability, which is covered under the standard ISO general liability policy.

Are You Liable, Under That Contract You Signed, for Employee Injuries?
An article for small business owners about the liability they may assume under a contract for injuries to their employees.

What's Covered Under Personal and Advertising Injury Liability?

Waiver of Subrogation under Liability, Auto and Workers Compensation Policies
An article for small business owners about waivers of subrogation under general liability, commercial auto and workers compensation policies.

Insured Contract
An explanation for small business owners of the term "insured contract" that is found in the standard ISO general liability policy.

Can The Insurer Refuse to Renew My Policy?

Medical Payments: What Does it Cover?

What are Supplementary Payments?
An article for small business owners on Supplementary Payments, a coverage that is afforded by a general liability policy and that includes defense and other expenses.

Your Insurer's Duty to Defend
An article for small business owners about the insurer's duty to defend under the standard general liability policy.

Pollution Coverage Under Your Liability Policy
An article for small business owners that explains the coverage afforded by the exceptions to the pollution exclusion found in a typical general liability policy.

An explanation of the term "pollutants," which is the basis of the pollution exclusions found in commercial insurance policies.

Foreign Liability Coverage
An article for small business owners about foreign liability coverage, including exporters packages and controlled master programs.

Insuring Volunteer Workers
An article for small business owners about the risks that volunteer workers create for non-profit organizations and how these risk can be addressed by commercial insurance.

What's Covered by a Liquor Liability Policy?
An article for small business owners about the coverage afforded by a liquor liability policy, which is designed for businesses that sell, manufacture, distribute, sell or serve alcoholic beverages.

How do the Limts Apply in My Liability Policy?

What is Reinsurance?
An article for small business owners about facultative and treaty reinsurance, and how each protects insurers against losses.

Auto Versus Mobile Equipment - What's the Difference?
An article for small business owners about the difference between autos and mobile equipment under commercial auto and general liability policies.

Indemnity Agreement

Effect of Anti-indemnity Statutes on Contractual Liability
An article for small business owners about anti-indemnity statutes and how they affect liability assumed under a construction contract.

Liability Coverage for Damage to Rented Premises: Part Two
Part Two of an article on Damage to Premises Rented to You coverage, which covers claims arising from damage by fire (and in some cases, other perils) to rented premises.

Liability Coverage for Damage to Rented Premises: Part One
An article about a liability coverage called Damage to Premises Rented to You, which covers tenants for claims arising from fire damage to rented buildings.

If More than One Policy Covers a Loss, Which Policy Applies First?
Your liability policy will pay most covered claims on a primary (first-line) basis. For some claims, however, your policy will not pay until other insurance has been used up!

Violations of Anti-telemarketing Laws
Did you know that certain types of phone calls and emails used for marketing purposes may violate federal laws? Learn how to avoid uninsured fines and lawsuits!

Pitfalls of Claims-made Liability Policies
Shopping for a claims-made policy? Here are some pitfalls to look out for when considering a policy or when comparing one policy with another.

Claims for Faulty Work - What's Covered?

Landlord as an Additional Insured

Preventing Slip and Fall Claims

Liability Insurance for Mobile Equipment
An article describing how to properly insure mobile equipment for liability under a commercial liability and/or a commercial auto policy.

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