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Property and Casualty Insurance

Property insurance insures against losses or damage to the business location. Casualty insuarnce insures against loss or damage to the business.
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Insurable Interest
Insurable interest is an important concept in property insurance and it separates insurance from gambling, and ensures that insurance is not purchased for the purposes of committing fraud.

Business Insurance -Political Risk Insurance
International and multi-national businesses, banks, financial institutions and other businesses that do business in countries with unstable social and political conditions can reduce the risk of of revolution, regime change or political violence with political risk insurance.

Introduction to Property Insurance
Property Insurance is insurance that insures your location and contents.

Introduction to the ISO Commercial General Liability Policy
A discussion of Coverage A, Bodily Injury and Property Damage Liability, under the ISO Commercial General Liability Coverage form

Eco-Friendly Business Insurance
Insurers offering business insurance have a wide variety of eco-friendly or "green" products and services available to their policy holders.

An Overview of Casualty Coverage
Casualty insurance differs from property insurance. Casualty insurance insures the business while property insurance insures the location.

Fire Insurance
Fire insurance is a necessary part of a business insurance plan. A fire can destroy the business by causing a loss of revenue and facilities.

Holiday Fire Safety and Fire Insurance
The best way to reduce business insurance premiums is to reduce risk and follow proven safety methods. Holiday decorations can pose a fire risk and it is important to review Holiday Fire Safety with your company's employees.

Flood Insurance
Flooding and water damage is not covered under most commercial property policies. Your Business Insurance plan may need flood insurance.

Cancellation Condition
A discussion of a condition found in virtually all business insurance policies that specifies the circumstances under which the insurer may cancel the policy and the number of days notice it must provide to the insured.

Insurance Services Office (ISO)
A discussion of the Insurance Services Office or ISO, an insurance research organization that provides statistical information and publishes policy forms on behalf of insurance companies.

Discontinued Operations and Products Coverage
Discontinued Operations and Products Coverage is business insurance that covers the risk of loss after a business ceases operations.

Important Tips for Your Business Property Insurance
Your business insurance risk management plan will include property insurance. Here are three tips to make sure your property insurance will cover your business in case of loss.

Business Insurance - What is Valuable Papers Coverage
Valuable papers business insurance coverage is critical insurance coverage to your business. Valuable papers coverage covers the cost of replacing documents used in your business.

Can The Insurer Refuse to Renew My Policy?

Parts of an Insurance Policy

Loss Payable Versus Lender's Loss Payable
An article for small business owners that explains the different between a Loss Payable clause and a Lenders Loss Payable clause under a commercial property policy.

Mold: Is It Insured Under a Commercial Property Policy?

An explanation of the term "pollutants," which is the basis of the pollution exclusions found in commercial insurance policies.

What is Reinsurance?
An article for small business owners about facultative and treaty reinsurance, and how each protects insurers against losses.

Liability Coverage for Damage to Rented Premises: Part Two
Part Two of an article on Damage to Premises Rented to You coverage, which covers claims arising from damage by fire (and in some cases, other perils) to rented premises.

Liability Coverage for Fire Damage to Rented Premises
An article about a liability coverage called Damage to Premises Rented to You, which covers tenants for claims arising from fire damage to rented buildings.

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