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Types of Business Insurance Policies

Most companies need liability, property, auto and workers compensation insurance. Some firms may need also specialized coverage, such as professional liability or marine coverages.
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Types of Business Insurance
This is an overview of the types of insurance described as business insurance.

Keep it Simple: Business Policies Cover Four Things
Business Insurance Policies cover four basic things: property, liability, people, and income.

What is the difference between a "claims made" policy and an "occurrence" policy
Business Insurance for your business may include professional liability or other types of coverage that will be either claims made coverage or occurrence coverage. Understanding the difference is important for your Business Insurance program.

Specialized Insurance Policies
Some businesses require specialized business insurance.

Travel Insurance for Business Travel
Businesses that have their employees travel frequently may benefit by requiring travel insurance on travel purchased by the company. Travel insurance can also provide some valuable protection to expensive international business travel.

Key Man Insurance
Key Man insurance coverage is business insurance for the "key" employees within your business. Whether you need key man business insurance coverage is dependent upon the nature of your business.

The Small Business Administration
The Small Business Administration is a great source of information for the business person. In a series of articles called the "Success Series," the SBA addresses important issues facing small businesses. This includes insurance and the types of policies relevant to your business.

Parts of an Insurance Policy

Admitted Versus Non-admitted Insurers

What is an Excess Policy?
An article for small business owners that explains excess policies, including excess liability, excess workers compensation, excess errors and omissions, and excess property policies.

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