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Business Insurance Basics


Business insurance is necessary for your business. But, purchasing insurance, finding an agent or broker, and understanding insurance policy language can be overwhelming for the business owner. Here we will discus business insurance basics.
  1. Types of Business Insurance
  2. Insurance Professionals: Agent or Broker?
  3. Insurance Companies

Types of Business Insurance

Business insurance can be purchased to cover nearly every risk encountered by your business. There are categories of business insurance that cover specific risks. Here you can learn about the different categories of business insurance.

Insurance Professionals: Agent or Broker?

Choosing an insurance professional is an important consideration when purchasing business insurance. There are two types of insurance professionals: agents and brokers. Here we discuss the differences and help the business owner decide which professional is the best fit for their business.

Insurance Companies

The insurance company the business owner chooses for their business insurance is an important decision. The insurer should be financially sound and possess an excellent record of service to its insureds. Here we look at ways to decide upon a business insurer.

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