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Workers' Compensation Insurance

Workers' compensation insurance insures your business in case of injury to an employee.

What Does My Workers Compensation Policy Cover?
An article for small business owners about the coverage that is afforded under a workers compensation policy.

An Introduction to Workers' Compensation
Workers' Compensation Insurance is mandated by state law and should be considered first in a business insurance plan.

What is Experience Rating?
An article to help small business owners understand experience rating under a workers compensation policy.

Employers Liability - Coverage for Suits by Injured Employees
A discussion of the coverage afforded for suits by injured workers under employers liability coverage, Part Two under the standard workers compensation policy.

"Other States" Coverage under a Workers Compensation Policy

Coverage Territory
An explanation of "coverage territory," a term that is found in many commercial policies including auto, liability, property, and workers compensation.

National Council on Compensation Insurance
A discussion of the functions performed by the NCCI, a national insurance organization that provides rating, statistical and other services to state insurance bureaus.

How Does Workers' Compensation Operate in My State?
Frequently Asked Questions About Workers' Compensation Insurance

Workers Compensation Insurance - Understanding the Policy
Workers compensation insurance is business insurance that provides coverage for work place injuries to your employees. The policies can be confusing so here we take a look at the policy and what it covers.

Lowering Workers' Compensation Premiums
Workers compensation premiums are based on a formula used throughout the industry. Understanding the formula helps you lower your business insurance premiums.

Workers' Compensation Discount for Drug-Free Workplace
Business insurance such as workers' compensation insurance is mandated by the state. Premium discounts can be obtained by creating a drug-free workplace.

What is an Intentional Tort or a Violation of a Specific Safe…
Workers' Compensation generally excludes a lawsuit against an employer for workplace injuries. However, Violation of a Specific Safety Regulation claims (VSSR) claims and intentional torts still can result in extraordinary liability above insurance.

The Top Ten Riskiest Jobs
Your Business Insurance premiums are based on the risk involved in your business. Here is a list of the riskiest jobs.

Waiver of Subrogation under Liability, Auto and Workers Compensation Policies
An article for small business owners about waivers of subrogation under general liability, commercial auto and workers compensation policies.

Voluntary Compensation Coverage

Temporary Workers and Alternate Employer Endorsement

Are Workers "On the Job" While Commuting?
An article for small business owners about the coming and going rule, and exceptions to this rule that may entitle employees to workers compensation benefits.

Foreign Workers Compensation Coverage
A discussion of foreign voluntary compensation coverage, which small business owners may need if they employ workers that travel on business outside the United States.

What is the Longshore Act?

Insuring Volunteer Workers
An article for small business owners about the risks that volunteer workers create for non-profit organizations and how these risk can be addressed by commercial insurance.

What is an Excess Policy?
An article for small business owners that explains excess policies, including excess liability, excess workers compensation, excess errors and omissions, and excess property policies.

Preventing Slip and Fall Claims

Risks of Lightning

Worker Injuries - Real or Fake?
A fraudulent workers compensation claim can have a significant impact on your small business. Learn what signs may indicate that a claim has been faked.

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